• Neighbourly Bee

    little do-gooder friends for everyone

  • Bees need food, growers need bees, and people need both

    Our mission is to be a working example of what is required for beekeepers and farmers to work effectively together. We provide BC farmers with healthy strong bees for crop pollination and provide honey lovers with high-quality natural, pure, raw unadulterated honey.

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    Deliciously bee-crafted

    Single-sourced honeys are among the top awarded honeys in the world. A honeybee colony is acutely sensitive to the nutritional content and microbial properties of their honey. The result is a perfectly balanced and unique honey.

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    Raw & Pure

    Perfectly made, ready to eat

    Pure, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed. Keeping honey in its natural state preserves all of the vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and nutritional elements.

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    Terroir Obsessed

    and always 100% Canadian

    Stolen from wine, we use this descriptor to highlight unique taste profile of each extraction. Location, season, and forage all play a key role in the complexity of the honey. That is why we let each extraction stand alone in its jar. Never mixed with other varieties.

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  • "Meet the Bees" Workshop

    Dates available Thursdays, Saturday & Sundays

    (will resume after COVID19 is under control)

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