Bees - Nucs (Pre-Order for 2021)
Bees - Nucs (Pre-Order for 2021)
50.00 - 250.00
Nucs - Pre-Orders available now for Spring of 2021.
5 frame nucs will be available late May. Exact timing will be weather dependent.

- 3 frames brood covered in bees
- 1 Laying Queen
- Plus 1-2 shakes of bees

Nucs FAQ's:
-"Nuc(s)" is short for Nucleus Colony.
-Nucs are a fantastic way to start your colony or grow your operation.
-When purchasing a Nuc think about it like purchasing an "established nest" on five frames.
-The nest and frames can be transferred from the original box to your Langstroth box with minimal disruption.
Coming soon
Coming soon