• Neighbourly Bee

    little do-gooder friends for everyone

  • Local bees.... regional honey....

    Every neighbourhood deserves a bee hive neighbour and source for pure raw honey. Neighbourhood beekeeping is an impactiful way to help our little bee friends. In turn, we humans benefit tremendously from those little do-gooder's hard work.

  • 100% Pure Honey,

    Whipped Alfalfa Clover

    2017 was a unique season for the bees. Their forage included a very special 160-acre White Clover field. Extracted in August 2017, only 6,485 lbs produced. Moisture content 16.4.

    We are looking for places to buzz.

    yard, a roof, a balcony... we're not picky. We diligently work as part of your neighbourhood's ecosystem; helping to restore balance and create beauty.

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